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With offices in Florida, New York, California and Chile, we source the best quality produce year round.

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"Our name is our reputation, and that's what separates Mayrsohn. Our philosophy has been, is and will always be: good service, hard-working and caring people." -Mark Mayrsohn, President

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We purchase from farms and packing houses U.S. and globally depending on seasonality of products.

Mayrsohn purchases fresh produce weekly based on our customer's needs. We choose not to store produce one week to the next, but to bring in fresh weekly, ensuring our customers receive the freshest quality available at the most competitive prices.

We have 28,000 square feet of cold storage. This space is broken down into chilled rooms each with different controlled temperature settings. Accommodating each of the different requirements of produce varieties, keeping each commodity at freshest quality.

When produce is brought in it goes through a quality control process of inspections prior to acceptance. When brought from foreign countries, a USDA official inspects and certifies the products. Also USDA provided a Phytosanitary to all required destinations.

We supply a full line of Organic products, juices, dairy-including eggs, and we can assist to purchase other products as part of our personalized service. For our products, click on the product button to find our standard list.

Mayrsohn will book containers with the Freight Forwarder and Shipping Line of your choice. All orders are FOB. If you do not have a Freight Forwarder, we can recommend highly qualified Freight Forwarders for you. Yes, we will make the bookings thru the Forwarder and load the containers. The only thing you would need to do is advise us what Freight Forwarder and Shipping line you choose to use.

We are the pioneers, industry leader since 1899. Still family owned and operated. Mayrsohn will provide you not only with the freshest quality and competitive price, but we offer you a personalized and flexible service. We sculpt our business to your needs. We care about our customers first. If they succeed we succeed. We are a team.

All containers are loaded to the maximum capacity. When your order is placed, we advise how many pallets your produce order is. You have the option to consolidate other goods, which we would receive and load for you or you can increase you produce order. Yes, we offer consolidation. You can add dry goods, other chilled goods making sure your container is filled to capacity, sailing a cost effective container.

Contact us with any questions you may have, we are here to help!

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Mayrsohn with over 35 years of industry experience is the leading exporter to Europe from the USA.

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